Technology Enhanced Teaching

Technology Enhanced Teaching (TET)

Technology Enhanced Teaching (or Training), acronym TET, is an innovative onsite teaching method making intensively use of technology. Due to the affinity to TEL the new acronym TET is introduced.

This system is a complete innovation and was developed between 2010 and 2016. The teaching method was presented for the first time at the ICERI 2017 (International Conference for Education, Research and Innovation).

The method bases on the consequently and permanently use of multiple devices (Laptops, tablets or similar devices) during class: Taking notes is supplied by basic texts provided by the teacher (or trainer) containing the chapter’s structure with headings, a package of graphics and images to be inserted into the text during lesson, and additional multimedia based material. The content is delivered by lectures using presentations including the possibility of supplementing content by the learners. Students are involved interactively during class to provide active learning. These activities cover small group work as well as discussions. The learning goals are defined using a competence model. Assessment is done by formative evaluation and regularly competence check.

The course gives an introduction to this teaching & training method with practical hands-on activities.

Competence Oriented Training

Our trainings are competence oriented and define competence oriented learning outcomes. Competence constist of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The pedagogical approach is learner-centered learning.

Dates and Time Shedule

The course is split in a pre-phase (validated with 25 hours training, done by distance learning), a face to face phase (25 hours teaching in the computer lab in Wiener Neustadt within 5 days) and a voluntary post phase (valide 10 hours lessons) where the participants practice their new competences and create a small pilote course fitting to the subjects they teach.

Dates and Venue

  • 1st session: 2024
  • 2nd session: 2025
  • Further dates planned!

Individual sessions: Please ask for individual sessions (flexible dates and additional competences fitting to individual needs and European Development Plan possible) possible for groups up from 6 people participating.
The standard course will not be held with less than 8 participants!

Competences taught during the project

Partner work in a course

This course gives attention to On-site Teaching using technical devices (laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones). The course enables teachers to structure their teaching, to prepare the necessary material as well as methods to implement the teaching. A special focus is laid on the use of multimedia and interactive elements (pictures, videos, animations, slide shows, sound files) including the technique behind. The competences mentioned below are the focus of the training activity:

  • Competence to plan, develop and create TET Teaching
  • Competence to design lessons based on Competence Oriented Learning (and teaching)
  • Be able to plan, develop and implement multimedia elements (Knowledge about multimedia elements, their use and the practical implementation)
  • Be able to use special tools (graphic, picture processing, video, sound) to create multimedia elements for the course (Knowledge: Image, video and audio file formats) or to adapt existing multimedia material for your teaching.
  • Be able to develop learning units and to plan and to structure lessons
  • Be able to use appropriate tools to distribute the basic materials
  • Be able to use different programs to plan and structure the provided content
  • Be able to develop and create (structured) reusable content
  • Be able to instruct and motivate the students for efficient digital note-taking.


Preparation Phase

The preparation work will be done using the TEL platforms of the EBI (Moodle 3.X). There, the course materials are provided and most of the theoretical background knowledge is taught. The participants will be able to access them by entering their personal password. They should start thematic discussions in the web forum of the platform (with the help of a tutor). All participants will receive documents with basic definitions and descriptions for doing their preparation work.

In the first phase there are eTivities to solve and developed material is uploaded to a first assessment.

Onsite Teaching (Face to face)

During the on-site lessons, the participants work on the other topics, get assisted by tutors and finish the working program. The on-site teaching takes place in Wiener Neustadt in our modern computer lab. The course is finished by an assessment.

Final Distance Learning

In a final distance learning part, the participants are tutored to develop their individual teaching unit. The tutors assist to develop their own small TEL course designed during the classroom teaching.

Fees, Subsistence Costs and Social Activities

Course Fee

The course fee for the five days face-to-face teaching including the preparation and post face is €650.  This fee consists of the course fee of 5 days at €70 daily and the organizational costs of €300 (can be funded completely with a KA 1 grant).


We offer a special subsistence package (6 nights in a four-star hotel in the center of the town and near the railway station, including lunch, coffee breaks of the course). Please ask for the subsistence costs and the subsistence conditions.

Social program

We offer a guided tour through town and an evening with dinner at a typical Austrian “Heurigen”.