The European initiative for Education is not only a teaching institution but also actively involved in research (ans research projects).

The focus is set on technology in teaching with a special emphases to research, create or develep modern teaching methods in various teaching environments. This does not only cover the necessary settings but also contains the development of necessary teacher’s training or other related items.

Quatity matters – therefore in all research activities or projects an all embracing quality enhancement system is included.

BladEdu Confetence I (February 2014 in Wiener Neustadt)

One of the first research projects was the Multilateral Grundtvig Project “Blended Learning Quality-Concepts Optimized for Adult Education“. The EBI/EIE was consortium partner and the two mainly invloved researchers (Peter Mazohl amd Harald Makl) developed the quality framework and edited the final product. To read more about the project please read here!

Other research topics, done by researchers of the EBI, are

  • Taking notes (published 2017 at the ICERI 2017, Seville)
  • Teaching science to girls (published 2017 at the ICERI 2017, Seville)
  • The mandala self evaluation method
  • Quality in Blended Learning (the book ic available by Peter Mazohl)
  • Technology Enhanced Teaching (book published by Peter Mazohl, available from amazon. com)
  • Bewertung von multimedialen Inhalten im eLearning durch Lernende (published at the eLearning day 2016 in Graz/Austria)
  • Blended Learning in Learner-centered Environments – A Case Study (published at the Blended learning Conference Málaga, 2015)