Taking Notes (Digital Competences)

Taking Notes

Taking notes is a well-known problem in school education and higher education. Technology Enhanced Teaching (TET) impacts new opportunities for better notes however common problems remain.

This paper deals with the problem of taking notes in TET based learning settings (Mazohl, 2016) and the successful use of these notes by students for their learning and reflexions. In these settings, students permanently and consequently are using multiple devices (laptops, notebooks, tablets) for their learning. Furthermore, students from traditional brick and mortar environment were observed and included into the study.

The study compares 50 students in a paper work setting with approx. 80 students learning in the TET environment taking gender related differences into account. The taught subject was physics (School Education – upper high school level – or in Higher Education – standard level), the study focuses on teaching in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The results were published at the ICERI Conference 2017 in Seville.