The first face-to-face project meeting of the E4ALL project took place from October 5th to 6th, 2021 in Riga. It
The EBI/EIE is a partner in the project CONNECT (Cooperation and training on innovation and entrepreneurship in the eHealth community),
This is the new challenge for  the EBI/EIE! In the frame of the E4All (Education for All) project we will
Introduction to Technology-Enabled Learning Peter Mazohl, the head of the EBI, is an experienced trainer in Technology Enabled Learning. He
The EBI/EIE is partner in the CICERO Erasmus+ Project 2018-1-SE01-KA204-039051. Currently the EBI/EIE team is develloping IO #2, the ECH
The Greek partner in the project - Challedu - developped the logo for the project. This project aims to support
Peter Mazohl, the president of the EBI, advanced to a certified Flipped Learning teacher. He attended the course, provided by
In the frame of the InterMedia project, we started a praxis test using a Chromebook. We want to test in