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The term "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) conjures up images of smart robots and futuristic technologies. But how intelligent is AI really?
The Manifest Flipped Learning, published by the DigiComPass project team, is a fundamental document for the creation of the DigiComPass
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 The Europäische Bildungsinitiative (EBI) is a non-profit association that has been awarded for its work in European ERASMUS+ projects with
Group Learning Space EBI
The 12 sectors of efficient Flipped Learning 3.0 provide a comprehensive framework for understanding and implementing this innovative teaching and
In projects, we often use the term "Peer Review". Unfortunately, peer review can mean different issues. Peer review is used
On June 14, 2023, the annual EPALE and Erasmus+ conference titled "Fact or Fiction? Teaching Critical Media Literacy in Adult
WordPress, when combined with suitable plugins, offers a wealth of opportunities and added value as a Learning Management System (LMS1).
Multiple Devices Report
The term "Multiple Devices" refers to the use of more than one device to access and interact with digital content.