This is the acronym for the “Analogous Comparison and Transfer” Method. This pedagogical approach to teaching STEM subjects was developed
Kathrin Zehrfuchs Kathrin just finished her Master study (business) with focus on business administration and controlling at the University of
The EBI/EIE (Austria) is partner in a new project “Enhancing Digital Competence through Photography” about digital competences. The project partners
Stefanie Mayrwöger We proudly present our new head of the technical department! Stefanie just finished her Bachelor studies (BSc) in
The EBI is partner in the Youth Project Seminar for intercultural trainers in HRE.  The EBI/EIE is mainly focusing on
The EBI/EIE signed a cooperation contract with the Flipped Learning Global Initiative (USA) for the new project about Flipped Adult
In the last three years I met many people mentioning that they use eLearning in their teaching and books are
This is the title of the new Erasmus+ project of the EBI/EIE. As the coordinator in this project we will