This is the Acronym of the new Erasmus+ Project, coordinated by the EBI. The partners in the project aim to
The European Initiative for Education has been involved in several Erasmus+ activities and projects and still is partner or coordinating
The new Erasmus+ Project of the EBI takes care about multimedia and interactivity in Adult Education with a specific focus
In Europe, learning outcomes are defined by competences. Competence consists of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. This is typical for School
Peter Mazohl has taken part at the learning, training & teaching event in Dublin as a trainer. The event aimed
The EBI participated in the intermediate meeting of the "Science Teaching" project (from October 3 until October 4) in Umeå,
The project addresses three items in the field of Adult Education, which are connected to each other and tied together
Currently the EBI is preparing a new project proposal in the frame of ERASMUS+. It's a project focussing on flipped