This is the new challenge for  the EBI/EIE! In the frame of the E4All (Education for All) project we will
Introduction to Technology-Enabled Learning Peter Mazohl, the head of the EBI, is an experienced trainer in Technology Enabled Learning. He
The EBI/EIE is partner in the CICERO Erasmus+ Project 2018-1-SE01-KA204-039051. Currently the EBI/EIE team is develloping IO #2, the ECH
The Greek partner in the project - Challedu - developped the logo for the project. This project aims to support
Peter Mazohl, the president of the EBI, advanced to a certified Flipped Learning teacher. He attended the course, provided by
In the frame of the InterMedia project, we started a praxis test using a Chromebook. We want to test in
The EBI is partner in the project "Education for All" (More attractive and inclusive education for all generations) that starts
To use multimedia and interactivity learners must be equipped with modern devices that enable to display the content. In addition,