European Initiative for Education

The „European Initiative for Education“ (EIE) is an international (European) private Non-Profit education and training organization in Austria (legal status: association). There are offices in Wiener Neustadt / Austria and in Athens / Greece.

Course in the modern computer lab of the EBI/EIE



EIE’s mission is to endorse an innovative approach to education, training, and culture; this is done by using the method of „Blended Learning“ as an advanced technique of education and training. A new challenge for us is the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Community.

The EIE is integrated into a network of similar institutions in Europe; there are training organizations, educational establishments, research and development centers, public authorities, specialists etc.

The scope of courses is focused on Technology Enhanced Learning  (formerly called e-learning) with the learning platforms Moodle, Blended Learning; Multimedia (Interactivity and Multimedia Content), Content Management Systems, Presentation Techniques, and Project Management.

The EBI/EIE is not only a training association, but also involved in research. The researcher team of the EBI publishes regularly the current research results and is involved as a speaker at international conferences, for example, the ICERI (in Seville).


We are actively involved in the Erasmus+ Programme and offer:

  • Training in the Frame of KA 1 projects (training for teachers, trainers, adult learners)
  • Strategic Partnerships – KA 2 projects

Starting with autumn 2017, the EBI/EIE (and the partner organisation European Foundation for Quality in Blended Learning EFQBL) starts two new Erasmus+ strategic partnerships (in the field of Distance Learning and Blended Learning):

  • VTT-Box (EBI/EIE)
    This project has been finished in November 2019.
  • TIBL-Project (EFQUBL)
    This project has been finished in November 2019.

In 2018, the project “Flipped Adult Education” has been launched.
In December 2018, the project “CICERO” dealing with digital competencies and digital photography was started with the Kickoff Meeting in Wiener Neustadt, together with the school project “TEST” focusing on the development of multimedia-based learning tools for science subjects.

Here you will find an overview of all our ERASMUS+ Projects.