Sagrada Familia (SAFA)

SAFA was built right after the end of Spanish Civil War in order to help the province of Andalucía to recover from a high rate of analphabetism.  SAFA can be defined as a broad educational work of 27 centers throughout the Andalusian geography that serves about 20,000 students. SAFA is complex and attractive, for its contrasts and its environment: it is Christian, with strong connections with the Jesuits, but without belonging to any diocese or religious congregation Institute

The EBI/EIE was in contact with several school centers of SAFA during other projects within the last ten years (SAFA Málaga, SAFA San Luis and SAFA de los Reyes).

A new project was implemented with SAFA Central (the head office of SAFA).

SAFA Málaga

SAFA Malaga was partner in the Multilateral Grundvig project BladEdu.

El Colegio “SAFA-ICET” es un Centro Educativo de ideario católico, Privado concertado con la Junta de Andalucía, que pertenece a una gran institución educativa sin ánimo de lucro denominada Fundación “Escuelas Profesionales de la Sagrada Familia” (SAFA), a la que pertenecen 28 centros repartidos por las ocho provincias andaluzas, con más de 1.000 profesores/as y 20.000 alumnos/as.

El Colegio, situado en la barriada de El Palo, frente al mar, cuenta con todas las etapas educativas no universitarias, desde Educación Infantil hasta Ciclos Superiores de Formación Profesional.

SAFA San Luis Gonzaga

The Center owns 55 classrooms for school education and approximately 20 rooms for training in professional education. It has two buildings, SAN LUIS (Here are taught all levels of education Children Education, Primary Education, Secondary Compulsory and High School. Also we can find  the  address of the Center, the Branch and Headquarters of Studies of EPO, ESO and Baccalaureate, the Administration andSecretariat and dependencies of AMPA) and the SAFA BUILDING (Here training cycles and Higher, Basic Training and Initial Professional Qualification Programs are held. Also here the Occupational Training Courses are taught.)

SAFA de los Reyes

The College is a Center Education of ideario Catholic, private concerted with the Junta de Andalucía, which belongs to one large institution education  “Schools Professional of the Sagrada Familia” ( SAFA ), to which belong 28 centers distributed by the eight provinces Andalusia, with more than 1,000 teachers and  20,000 students.