InterMedia: First Virtual Meeting

Since it is currently impossible to hold physical meetings, the first meeting of the project team was held virtually. Nevertheless, the personal meeting is an essential part of Erasmus+ projects to exchange experiences. Therfore, the kickoff meeting was postponed to the spring of next year. People from all artners participated at this meeting:

  • EBI
    Peter Mazohl
  • BrainLog
    Martin Savchev
  • EuphoriaNet
    Cristina Ceccarelli
    Donatella Claps
    Erika Nemes
    Joana Mendes

All steps to bring the project on track have been done and the working plan for the first activity – as scheduled in the project plan – has been deveeloped and agreed.

Further information is available from the webpage of the project: Intermedia Project
If you are interested in further details of the project please contact Peter Mazohl from the EBI/EIE.

Image: Screenshot from the project’s webpage