Training 2000 (IT)

TRAINING 2000 is an adult education and training organisation certified in the Marche Region for regional training (VET), with experience in education and training in different sectors.


At EU level, Training 2000 is involved in the research and development of new methodologies in training (e-learning) applied within the LLP and ERASMUS+ programs. Since 1992, TRAINING 2000 has been involved in more than 160 international projects, with partners from most European countries in which it has covered the areas of training of trainers, immigrants, prequalification of people, youth training, apprenticeship and training in SMEs, validation of
competencies. Training 2000 promotes continuous training in the Marche region, for people undergoing apprenticeship programs in the sectors: textile, multimedia and graphics, services ( transport, logistics, accounting, hairdressing, social services) mechanical and building construction, employed people, unemployed and dropouts from the public school system and registered in the local JOB centres.
Professionals in the domain of environmental sustainability, ICT and training; sustainability, and community development. Training 2000 is part of a National network of Associations of Industries and SMEs (C.N.A. of Pesaro and Urbino – 6000 SME members), training providers, the Chamber of Commerce of Pesaro, Young farmers Association, Medit Silva (European agency for forestry and environment) Ministry of education and labour.

Training2000 is also the co-founder of the

  • International Networks of Course Organisers “GINCO” – and
  • International Innovative Apprenticeship “INAP” –


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