The Computer Lab

Since 2008, EBI organizes European training events in Wiener Neustadt. Hundreds of teachers and trainers in adult education participated in our training events in our computer lab in Wiener Neustadt, receiving comprehensive instruction in subjects such as multimedia presentations, project management, technology-enabled learning, and various other topics. These events provided a valuable opportunity for professional development and knowledge enhancement in a supportive and engaging environment.

Computer Lab for training in Wiener Neustadt

In Wiener Neustadt, we have various event rooms and media available for our seminars, training events, conferences, and other events. The rooms are individually designed and equipped based on the purpose of the event. This allows for training sessions in conventional classroom layouts, as well as group work, active and cooperative learning, and on-site training within the framework of our Flipped Learning-based courses.

Training during COVID-19 was possible (with restrictions) in our computer lab.

The following technology and facilities are available for these purposes: bulletin boards, flipcharts, projectors, laptops, DVD players, CD players, microphone systems, and internet access in all rooms.

We used the “Big Aula” for training events during COVID-19. Here we could provide the distance between each learner.

During breaks, we provide a cafeteria and foyer area. Here, we cater to our learners, seminar participants, and project meeting attendees with refreshments, including coffee, espresso, and break buffets.

The EBI/EIE is well-equipped and can supply participants with laptops and other tools.

The smaller rooms are excellent for training in smaller groups, as well as for project meetings.

Our Project Meetings are organized in one of the smaller rooms (as well as specific staff trainings).