Swedish Association Distance Education (SADE)

The Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE) is a professional organization for all those involved in distance learning and flexible learning in Sweden.
With SADE you will meet people from all over the world of education – from schools and universities, organizations and companies. By SADE you can build a personal network and establish important contacts.

SADE activities

SADE was founded in 1984, and is designed to broaden the knowledge of and participate in the development of flexible education and distance learning.

What SADE is doing

  • Initiate the exchange of experience and cooperation between our members,
  • Create open communities by including organizing conferences and seminars;
  • Promote international exchanges and cooperation,
  • Stimulate the development of knowledge in the areas of distance learning and flexible learning and
  • Contribute to the development of the area monitored in governing body.

Project partner

SADE is cooperation partner in the VTT-Box project and responsible for the issues dealing with quality enhancement, distance learning and Open Educational Ressources.