University of Helsinki (FI)

The University of Helsinki has the widest range of disciplines in Finland. The number of faculties is eleven. In 2011, the University had 36,500-degree students and 8,600 staff members. The number of degrees completed each year is on average 5,000 of which about 500 are doctorates.
Under the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences functions the University of Helsinki Viikki Teacher Training School. It is a school community where students range from pre-school pupils to the students of upper secondary school. Total number of students is about 940. The number of teachers and other staff is about 110. In this project, the Upper Secondary school students (260) and teacher trainees are in focus.
In Viikki Teacher Training School there are also annually about 250 teacher trainees from the different faculties of the university completing their teaching practice. Our philosophy is that Viikki Teacher Training School is a good school to learn, and a safe place to work together.