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The University of Cyprus participates in the DigiCompass Project through the Software Engineering and Internet Technologies (SEIT) Laboratory, an integral part of the Department of Computer Science.

Technology, Software Engeneering, Internet Technologies, Creativity and Enhanced Learning Environments, project coordinator
SEIT focuses its research activities on two important areas of Information Technology, namely Software Engineering and Internet Technologies. In the second area, the Laboratory concentrates on developing ICT-enabled Creativity and Enhanced Learning Environments, platforms, and tools for implementing Health monitoring and support services, Smart and Personalised services for Elders, and Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities. SEIT has extensive experience in the area of applying ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to e-Learning, m-Learning, and Open and Distance Learning in general, as well as Lifelong Learning in particular. This expertise is both at a technical level and in developing policies and qualification frameworks for such activities, regarding only the Erasmus+ related themes.

Project partner in the DigiComPass Project.