K.A.NE. (GR)

K.A.NE. LogoSocial Youth Development Civil Non-profit Society , K.A.NE., is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation active in the fields of Education, Youth, Social Inclusion, Vocational Training, and Culture. K.A.NE. was founded in 2008 in Kalamata, Greece. The organisation’s main objectives are to foster youth motivation for active citizenship and to support the personal and professional development of people through educational activities, especially targeting people at risk or facing social exclusion, young people in general, and adult/vet learners.

Social Youth Development, K.A.NE, experience is based on the promotion of youth mobility as well as the promotion and development of volunteering and lifelong learning concept. Its main asset is the development of a sense of social contribution and solidarity in various sectors, which a provincial city, such as Kalamata, needs. Therefore, our activities are combating discrimination, building inclusive projects, and promoting equality, intercultural and social development, and social cohesion. Our organisation has experience in youth and adult education through non-formal learning, vocational education, and training (youth and adult).

Web page: www.ngokane.org
Contact: kane@digicompass.eu
Responsible project manager: Eleni Pistola