Bildungszentrum Sankt Bernhard (AT)

Bildungszentrum Sankt Bernhard is a renowned educational institution with a 45-year history that reflects societal changes from the post-war era to the present. Established in 1973, it distinguished itself by focusing on areas such as the “Third World,” ecology, alternative living, and Franciscan spirituality. The center fostered the formation of self-help groups, initiated “Third World shops,” and offered courses on hospice care.

Its mission was to inspire individuals to advocate for a just world driven by grounded spirituality. The institution expanded its offerings to include personal development, life coaching, culture, creativity, and health. As a state-recognized and supported educational institution, it hosts approximately 12,000 participants annually in about 700 events.


In 2012, a commemorative publication traced the historical roots of “Bildungszentrum Sankt Bernhard” from its predecessor organizations to its present-day form.