E4ALL – Training Wiener Neustadt

The training took place in Wiener Neustadt, the home city of the European Initiative for Education, from May 3rd  to May 5th, 2022. The EBI was responsible for three different training contents:

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Flipped Learning 3.0
  3. Technology in training (this subject has been integrated into the Individual Space of the Flipped Learning training course, delivered by a Moodle course).
Meeting Room in the Hilton Garden Inn (Presenter: Hanna Urbanowich, picture: Peter Mazohl)

Critical thinking

The workshop dealing with critical thinking started with a self-experience and ended with a groups-based analysis to identify on one hand the “Double Diamond of Thinking” (taken from the design model and interpreted for the general thinking process) and a group discussion about typical
issues in the critical thinking process. You can download the PDF of the presentation from this webpage here.

You may download the “Critical Thinking Presentation” here:


Flipped Learning

The Group Learning Space pace was extensively prepared by a  platform-based Distance Training (using the EBI’s Moodle server) explaining the basic approach to Flipped Learning 3.0. After a short analysis of the Background of Bloom’s Taxonomy, the trainees developed together two mind maps presenting major elements of the Individual and the Group space. Active learning methods were named and analyzed in a brainstorming.  Additionally, the learning group developed a personal insight into the systematic of the 187 elements and group formation of the 187 Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning.

Developed Material

Presentation Flipped Learning


Expected Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes in Critical Thinking

  • Know the basic principles of critical analysis.
  • Be able to actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and/or evalu­ating information.
  • Be able to start an analysis of thinking by focusing on the parts or structures of thinking
  • Be able to make an evaluation of thinking by focusing on the quality and learn the improve­ment of thinking by using what you have learned.

Learning outcomes Flipped Learning 3.0

  • Know about Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Apply Bloom’s taxonomy in training.
  • Understand and master “Individual & Group Space” & the context to Bloom’s
  • Understand and master active learning
  • Be able to implement active learning methods in the training.
  • Know the systematic of the 187 Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning 3.0.
  • Know and master the role of multimedia-based and interactive content
  • Be able to plan activities in Flipped Learning 3.0

Learning Pill

The EBI developed a learning pill following the given preconditions and the request of the group. The approach follows the role the EBI plays in this project: The team selected a technical solution, implemented as an animated 2D comic.

Technical background: This video was created with AniMaker, the credits were created as PowerPoint$ videos, and the complete video has been edited with Adobe Premiere$. Sound creation was done with the Talkia Software, and sound recording was based on Audacity.

Legend: $ means commercial software.