Official School of Languages Madrid-Villaverde (ES)

The Official School of Languages Madrid-Villaverde (EOI Madrid-Villaverde) and its Extension El Espinillo is a public language school established in 1990 in the capital city of Spain, Madrid.

We have more than a thousand students (16-65 years old) including teachers, unemployed and retired people, housewives, young professionals, or university students,  just to mention some.

In our institution we teach and certify language learning in English, French and German.

Our main goal is to promote lifelong language learning to strengthen the students’ professional development, communication skills and personal growth through language and culture. In addition to teaching, our School gives our students access to extracurricular activities with multicultural content.

These are some of the activities our School has been involved in:

  • We have actively participated in different European projects in the past, and we are nowadays developing a KA104 project on the topic “Motivation in foreign language teaching”.
  • We have a Language Choir (Coro de Lenguas) which integrates both our students and staff by means of collaborating in our common aim of voice improvement and language knowledge.
    Coro: presentation “Día del Libro” (2015)
  • We promote sustainability through several actions such as digital use to save paper expenditure, photovoltaic panels to produce clean solar energy on site, energy saving projects, exhibitions on sustainability and artistic recycling.
  • We are deeply involved in the key area of mediation. Recently included in our CV, it marks a turning point in our methodologies by underlining the importance of learning to bridge gaps of communication in life. Learners are trained to become agents of mediation, with both “inter” and “intra” cultural, linguistic and conceptual implications.

28041 MADRID
Director Carlos Trueba Rodríguez