Members & People


If you want to get a member of the association, you may contact Peter Mazohl. Currently, the admission of members is possible. The fee for ordinary members is 180 € the year.

Supporting membership also exists. If you are interested, please contact Peter Mazohl.


The head of the association is Peter Mazohl (who graduated in science) and Harald Makl (who graduated in pedagogy, a master of school development). The head of the organisation is responsible for the strategic development, the application of projects, and the coordination of research and teaching activities. The heads are assisted by scientific advisors, consultants and experts, and trainers.

Scientific advisor

  • Prof. Carlos Guerrero, SAFA Sevilla (TEL)
  • Univ.Prof DI Felix Breitenecker UT Vienna (Blended Learning)
  • Mag. Heinrich Huber


  • Kristina Rauchlechner, BEd
  • Sylvia Mazohl
  • Katrin Zehrfuchs, MA
  • Firi Merkan, BEd
  • Charlotte Gatti, BEd