The EBI has held various courses despite Covid. Before the Covid-19 crisis, we only held cooperative and group-based training. During
Inclusive Measures EBI
1 Our Approach to Inclusion Inclusion in adult education refers to the practice of making educational opportunities and resources accessible
The EBI is regularly involved in various projects, most of which are transnational projects in the frame of the Erasmus+
The aim of the DigiComPass Project is to develop a modern accreditation model for digital competencies (based on the DigComp
The CONNECT Distance Learning courses are available from the Moodle platform. You may have a look at the implemented modules.
The past decade has seen a significant shift in ethical values and attitudes, driven by a number of factors including
The EBI is a partner of the DigiComPass Project. Digital Competencies (DigComp) are crucial for citizens today and in the
Objectives of the Project Objective 1: Develop an innovative multidisciplinary and cross-sectional curriculum for students from the computer and information,