In the last three years I met many people mentioning that they use eLearning in their teaching and books are
This is the title of the new Erasmus+ project of the EBI/EIE. As the coordinator in this project we will
We got the official Erasmus+ Partner Plate for our new project "Flipped Adult Education". The project will start with November
Peter Mazohl will present the European Erasmus+ project the "Virtual Teachers Toolbox" (VTT-Box) at the EDEN conference in Genoa (in
As an organization intensively involved in eLearning we permanently check the quality of our courses and try to amend the quality.
The use of eLearning and Distance Learning is increasing and plays a more and more important role in the teaching
2002 the "Council for Higher Education" CHEA published the following seven key areas as criteria for measure eLearning quality: Institutional
To plan and develop an eLearning course covers many aspects. To ensure the necessary quality you have to consider the