Connect – the Distance Learning Modules

The CONNECT Distance Learning courses are available from the Moodle platform. You may have a look at the implemented modules.

eLearning in Health
CONNECT-eLearning in Health
Health Analytics and Big Data in Health
Innovation in Health
Social Media in eHealth
Electronic Health Records
CONNECT- Electronic_Health_Records
Human Resources in Health

About the project

This project focuses on the national priority of “Tackling skills gaps and mismatches” through delivering an education program, which engages students from across European countries to enable continuous innovation and entrepreneurship in the European eHealth sector.

The main focus of the CONNECT project is on issues of eHealth innovation, state-of-the-art training, and education of students necessary on the health market, in the form of a highly and systematically organized formal and non-formal educational program to improve knowledge, develop cross-sectoral skills and competencies, entrepreneurship, and support students’ critical thinking required to improve health care.

About the CONNECT Distance Learning Modules

The modules have been developed and implemented by the EBI (Peter Mazohl and Harald Makl). The basic approach was to use Multimedia-based content where it made sense. The course modules contain interactive presentations, and carious graphics and depictions.


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Connect – the Distance Learning Modules